Who is the best trainer/ institute for CCNP® and CCIE®?

Best Training for CCNP® or CCIE® depends on what you consider to be the best.

Every institute always claims to be the best whether it is in Canada/USA, India or anywhere else.

Some claim to have State of the Art Equipment – but student can’t touch them.
Some claim to have World’s Best Instructorsyet instructors do not teach outside of their countries,


Have not been out of their countries to teach.

Some claim to have produced 1000′s of CCIE®; OR, candidates passed the rigorous exams following their respective course materials.  (First of all institutes do not produce CCIE®.  On the contrary, candidates who write the exams actually produce themselves).

We, at VoiceBootcamp.com , simply provide and prepare you with relevant training and tips.  It is actually you who have to do the hard work to pass and feel confident at the end of the journey.

It is not just because of us that you pass the exam, but you and your dedication that prepares you to pass. We are here simply to guide you and steer you to the right direction.

So, is there any best training center? Sure, however, no one can recommend you that but to find yourself.

What is best for someone may not be suitable for you.
What you do to find the right institute/trainer?

  • Search around for the programs and institutes.
  • Do some research about their programs.
  • Ask them if they will let you touch their equipment.
  • Are they using Simulator?

About simulator – it is okay to use simulators to practice when budget is the main concern. Institutes should never use simulators to train when they charge you a hefty fees.  In real world, companies do not use simulators to run their day to day business.

Voicebootcamp‘s main objective is to train and prepare candidates like yourself for the real world.

Be productive and valuable right after taking the responsibilities.

You might as well get your hands dirty on those equipment when you pay for your training to a institute.

Institutes should never be afraid of giving access to their equipment. Let students break it, mess the configuration table upside down, bring the system to a total chaos and fix it one step at a time with little or no guidance at all (logically not physically).

Ask them if you can seat in their class for few hours for free and challenge their instructors.
Ask them if they can arrange an online access to their classes even if they do not offer online. In this technologically advanced era, any institute can allow someone to view their classes and can assess how instructors conduct their classes within a matter of 10 minutes. this meeting can be arranged with webex, free for 3 participants.

Asking about their instructors?

Industry experience, achievements. Just because holder of multi CCIE® designations does not prove know their stuff or know how to teach. Someone with double/triple or even penta CCIE® designations is really out of focus. In our opinion, we as a human being, can only be expert in one or at most in two fields. otherwise we are a generalist not a specialist.

Ask about the instructor’s publications

Do they publish any blogs, articles? Do they participate in any forum? If so, what is their alias, do they help students outside the class via email.  Ask them if they have work experience.  What is their linkedin profile. Something is not right in this digital era if they don’t have it.

Lab Access
Ask the institute – will they give you access to their lab after the class, if so what is their policy…



Don’t let us tell you our course is better for you.  You can find out and  judge that after doing all these research.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">Faisal H Khan


From Nobody to Tech savvy with $100,000/Year Job In Cisco Networking


From Nobody to Tech savvy

A job that I hated, struggled to make ends meet, piling up debts just to keep my nose up above the water.  Finally, I got a break what I was dreaming about for so long ! Today, I have a breath of fresh air as I landed a job that will pay $100,000 per year doing what I become passionate about.

Find Out How Mohammed went from $25,000/year Job to $100,000/Year in less 8 Months !!!!

Author: Faisal H Khan, CEO @ VoiceBootcamp, Inc.


I would like to share a success story about a student who has successfully changed his life and how VoiceBootcamp was part of it. Mohammed holds B.Sc degree in Computer Science. He had been working as a Fiber Optic Support personnel for one of the largest ISP career here in Canada. Struggling with his career and job just to build up something meaningful for his small family – a better life. The job was paying him just enough to survive; but, by no means what a University graduate should be proud of and stuck there for the rest of his life. The job was a dead end for him – no future advancement, no promises, no hope at all. Literally, it was sapping his energy out slowly; causing lot of problems both physically, mentally as well as taking toll on his family life.

First Discussion with Bhuiyan

When we first met, I suggested him to switch to Cisco Networking since he has already done his CCNA training not long ago.  As an Owner/Trainer/Career Counselor at VoiceBootcamp, I have the ability and vision to lead someone what opportunities one may have that ultimately could change one’s life forever only if he/she would commit to do whatever I suggest him/her to do. I suggested him to follow the training paths that I have tailored and designed for him and methodically he followed the courses. Within 8 months, he feels he is ready for the job what he was dreaming about. A rewarding and promising careers in CISCO Networking !

Journey Started on March 19 2015

On March 19, 2015, VoiceBootcamp had a CCNP Collaboration Plus Training in Las Vegas, USA.  I told Mohammed to join the class and support me at VoiceBootcamp in Canada whenever he could manage free time.   At the beginning he was reluctant to join. Finally he joined and completed  my 10 days intensive CCNP Collaboration Training. During our off training, we enjoyed  Las Vegas’ famous night lives and it was one of the fun classes we ever held.

During those 10 days, He was struggling at the beginning (first 2 days only though). Everything was going over his head but he followed along. At night, he would study and try to understand what he had learned at the class. Repeated the same routine all along. Even with the difficulties and all those struggles, he was able to complete over 50% of the lab works. Finally, built a 2 clustered Cisco Unified Communication Manager with Unity, Presence and UCCX even though admitted he did not understand most of it all. I encouraged him not to stop there and at least he knew what he had to focus on.  Now he has the mental framework to target on. He has the basic idea of what is Cisco Collaboration Solutions is and  what is involved along with it. According to him, he thought he did not understand most of the task, but did not realize that he actually deployed a multi cluster site and successfully troubleshoot some of the problems.

Post Training Practice and Preparation from April – Jun 2015

After returning from Las Vegas, I gave him the opportunity to continue practice and to do all those lab works on our 200 hours lab access which I offer to my every student. Since then he completed the CCNP Collaboration multiple times. I invited him to retake the classes whenever we held the next batch here in Toronto, Canada. That time, he did  the labs all by himself and actually understood the whole course.

VoiceBootcamp offered him to join Advanced Training in Cisco Unified CCX 10.5 once his confidence in CCNP Collaboration was at intermediate level. It was a surprise for me that he is able to develop complex UCCX Scripts from scratch and actually understands what he is doing though struggles bits and bytes at the beginning. For the next few weeks he focused on Cisco UCCX deployment and scripting.  At home, he was re-creating a call-flow diagram based on his previous job’s deployment and successfully created a call-flow which later he practiced at our training center.

Experience Building: June,  2015 – Present

I gave him opportunity to build our servers from scratch. Re-build the data center and monitor it on regular basis. Voicebootcamp has 72+ Virtual Machines and over 12 Physical servers along with 25 routers and switches including Cisco Catalyst 6509 Series Switches. He mastered how Vmware works, how vcenter works, and eventually how we manage our VMS from a centralized vcenter solutions. Along with other team members he builds Virtual Machine Infrastructure that consists of over 80 Virtual Machines in total.

Whenever he faced a problem and/or did not know how to solve it I always gave him hints and clues on how to fix it instead of giving him direct solution just so that he could figure it out all by himself.  Rest assured, we did not make it easy for him. We always ensured that he struggles during his learning process and finds the answer through his own effort.

As a training institute, we always test new software and evaluate materials whenever it is on the market. Managing 72+ Virtual machine and regularly monitoring them becomes a very tough job. I asked him to deploy Cisco Prim Collaboration onto our Data Center and showed him how it operates and how to use it to deploy Virtual Machine through it.  By the end of same day he along with the team was able to install, configure and actually deployed a Prime Collaboration for the first time. He actually understands how it works now. We could not help him much setting up the severs and installing it because we ourselves have not enough knowledge to do all by ourselves. But with support, he was able to acquire a new skill set.  Similarly, many different tools are introduced on a regular basis according to the course requirement at our learning center and he took  the initiative to learn, understand, present the case and actually deploy it.

During this time he showed confident in installation and deployment of Cisco CUCM, Unity, Presence, UCCX – regular installation as well as via prime collaborations.

He even joined our famous and sought after CCIE Collaboration course twice and able to complete 80% of the lab works. He is not planning on finishing his  CCIE Collaboration exam soon so there was no pressure on him to finish the lab.

Mohammed also took Cisco UCCE 10.5 Training and within 3 months he was able to fully deploy Cisco UCCE Components in duplex mode and actually able to route calls from CUCM to ICM. He attended 3 of the intensive classes to solidify his knowledge after  Cisco UCCE training. By now, he has CCNP and CCIE Collaboration Level Experience, He has now experience with VMware, Virtual Center Appliance, Cisco Prime Collaboration, Cisco UCCX 10.5 Deployment and Scripting plus Cisco Unified CCE 10.5 Deployment, including Cisco CVP 10.5 (basic level).

Job Search Preparation

after completing CCNP Collaboration certification, he started searching for job  and the hunting was not landing any interview as he was expecting. One day, I modified his resume with skill set that he learned so far and showed him how to upgrade volunteer skills as a work experience. I also suggested him on how to use all the projects he had done so far and turn them into experience.   Within 1 month, he started getting interviews from all over the North America. Because of his Cisco UCCE Skill set most of the interviews he is getting is related to UCCE and most of them are in USA. Through trial and error he overcame the difficulties facing interviews for such an advanced position. He took notes of  all the questions he was asked during interviews and immediately practiced in our lab as well as reviewed them on youtube  whenever he felt he was weak at some topics . That strategy helps him learning about this technology even faster. During Nov, 2015, he had the most busiest month with interviews. Call after calls, in person interviews and web ex interviews as well. Shajal acquired another new skill set on how to deal with job searching and managing them.

Finally, on Nov 19, 2015, A company in Canada offered him to join them to work on Cisco Collaboration platform and the package turned out to be $100,000 per year. While getting the confirmation for this job, he had another interview the very next day. This potential company is also at the final stage of confirming him a position for $70 US per hour in Arizona, USA.

“THANK YOU FAISAL” – those were the words that I heard first on my earphone while I was driving (please don’t drive and use phone). I knew I was successful once again. Most of all, I was able to change someone’s life forever !! Mohammed is our 8th candidate who we have mentored from ZERO TO ENGINEER and  all of them are earning well over $100,000 per year now!!!!




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