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New Features of Cisco Unified Communication Manager 8.6 – Get Free CUCM 8.6 Labs

Cisco Recently has release Cisco Unified Communication Manager 8.6.  Here are some changes.  This is not the full list. Courtesy of Cisco.com 

NOTE: VoiceBootcamp as of Jan 1 2012 will start to use Cisco Unified Communication Manager 8.6 for CCNP Voice Plus Training.  Read more…


CCIE Voice – 10 Days – Dubai

VoiceBootcamp will offer 10 days CCIE VOICE in Dubai on Nov 14 – 25 2011.   Starting from $3499 USD…

Visit – http://www.voicebootcamp.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=157&Itemid=373



Day 6 of CCNP Voice in Madagascar: We ar

Day 6 of CCNP Voice in Madagascar: We are on the day 6 of CCNP Voice. Students are now feeling the intensitiy of the lab. Since I am using CCIE Voice Lab in CCNP Voice with less intensity they are enjoying the lab. The team leader thought these labs are up to production level interesting to know. Anyway take a look at the picture you will see they are tired but working 12 hours every day. So far 72 hours of training completed. Yike.. http://ow.ly/i/g2iG


Day 5 – CCNP Voice in Madagascar, Africa

Day 5 – CCNP Voice in Madagascar, Africa. Started CallManager 8.5. I was bit surprise to get an excellent Internet connection. Compare to some of the country I have visited around the globe. Good for madagascar. Anyway, 6 more days to go… Then I go for a 12 hours car for sight seeing through out the country from Tamatave to Tana city where I will catch my flight.


Day 4 in CCNP Voice – in Madagascar, Afr

Day 4 in CCNP Voice – in Madagascar, Africa. Finished Module 1 and student are so far excited to do over 35 labs on CCNA Voice. 90% of all CallManager Feature is covered.


Great product. Centralized administratio

Great product. Centralized administration of all your social network needs. Love it… #HootSuite http://hootsuite.com


Cisco Unified – MCP – Call Control Service

The Call Control Service in Unified MCP is referred to as a SIP Trunk in Unified CM UI anddocumentation. In the Unified CM Administration, you must configure the SIP Trunk, RouteGroup, Route List, and Recording Profile to enable the Call Control Service in the Unified MCPAdministration to communicate with the Unified CM Administration


Once you have configured the SIP Trunk information in Unified CM, you will need to providethis IP address in the Call Control Service Provider Configuration screen in the Unified MCPAdministration.

Even if already enabled, the Call Control Service will not be

In service until you have configuredthe Call Control Service Provider.

Stay tune… for more update



Cisco Unified MCP – Media Forking

All Cisco IP phones, supported by Unified MCP, have a built-in bridge (BIB) which allowincoming and outgoing media streams to be forked. Unified MCP makes use of this capabilityto record inbound and outbound forked media. See the Unified CM documentation for moredetails on media forking

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Cisco Unified MCP – Play back rcording



Using MCP APIs, you can search for a particular conversation, play the audio and/or video data for each conversation.   You can play back Unified MCP recordings using the Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)or by downloading the recording as an .mp4 file.

Playback: You can playback Unified MCP recordings using any player which supports RTSPor .MP4 formats (for example, VLC–VideoLAN Client, or Quicktime).

Download: If you prefer to listen to both audio channels and view the video at the same time,export any Unified MCP recording to MP4 format (using the convertSessionAPI).

Stay Tune… for more update



Cisco Unified MCP – Mapping a Session to a Recording

In Cisco Unified MCP, a a session is a recorded monologue, dialog, or conference whichcan involve one or more participants.  A Unified MCP session is the same as arecording session in Unified CM.  A session can be live (active) or recorded (completed). A live session can be monitored andrecorded at the same time. A recorded session can be played back at any time.  

A device is a physical entity that can be an end point, a route point, or a personal computer andrefers to any item that can be recorded. A device is identified by a deviceRef which is a phonenumber or extension for each device.

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