Save $2000 on CCNA Voice Training





Okay, now that you have decided to take your career to next level and enter in the world of Cisco Unified Collaboration, first thing comes into your mind is to prepare for CCNA Voice Certification.   Well CCNA Voice is the first step toward entering Unified Collaboration, it is also the first step toward next level certification CCNP Voice and CCIE Collaboration respectively.

Obtaining CCNA Voice certification is not going to help you get a job these days as competition is very high in the job market.   Obtaining CCNA Voice certification is just an entry point yet you will have to achieve this certificate to move forward.

CCNA Voice focus on basic overview of Cisco Unified Communication solution based on IOS Platform as well as basic overview of interface and endpoints of Cisco Unified Communication Manager solutions.

Where do you start?

IT Professional often obtain new skills by either doing it them self or taking training then write the required exam and pass.   Once certain requirements are met, you become a CCNA Voice certified.  Great so which method do you want to take? Not all method is good for everyone.  I have been teaching bootcamp and training worldwide since 2005 and yet I can’t attend any class and keep my attention toward the course.  I prefer self-study myself.  However, self-study requires serious dedication and planning.   This article is not about self-study but rather which method you want to take to obtain the best training with maximize result and less investment.

Average cost of a real CCNA Voice training, I am not talking about those company that offer fish market type training where they shove 15 to 30 students per class with one inexperience instructor charging student $299 or $399 per module over 30 hours or 6 weeks.  I am talking about 5 days or 10 days intensive hands on training with real world professional or someone who is highly qualified in this field.  Such training for example offered by my own company VoiceBootcamp Inc or GlobalKnowledge etc.  Such training can cost on average of $2000.  You take the training, you pass the exam, and you become CCNA Voice.   So what next? Now you want to do your CCNP Voice which consists of 5 courses and can cost over $4000 or more just on training.

CCNP Voice which basically covers everything of CCNA Voice module but more in details on technologies.   Since it covers CCNA Voice module.   Think about Doctor and Nurse.  As Nurse does most of the preparation work and/or basic task, don’t you think Doctor already knows all those same task?  Same goal here, why not prepare for CCNP Voice which will automatically cover CCNA Voice.  For Example at VoiceBootcamp we have a specialized training for busy IT professionals call CCNP Voice Plus.  At this specialize training, we focus on all CCNA Voice content, plus all of CCNP Voice.  We also cover Cisco Unified Contact Center Express which compliment this course toward CCIE Collaboration.

Save Money and Time

When you decide to do CCNP Voice Training instead of CCNA Voice, you will automatically cover CCNA Voice plus, will be more focus toward higher level goal.   Instead of spending $2,000 on CCNA Voice, you are putting all those money toward CCNP Voice which can cost from $4,000 to $6,000 in total training.  Thus saving money.

If you are serious about doing CCNA Voice training, think again and spend your money wisely.  Why not put that amount toward your higher level goal yet achieve the same.  It’s like two bird one bullet.

However this bullet is not for everyone.   It is for those who are ready to take challenge, can work under pressure and have a goal.  Dedication is the key.  You can’t start CCNP Voice preparation and stop in the middle.  If you decide to go all the way, you must stick to the plan only then this will be a successful journey