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Cisco Unified MCP – Media Forking

All Cisco IP phones, supported by Unified MCP, have a built-in bridge (BIB) which allowincoming and outgoing media streams to be forked. Unified MCP makes use of this capabilityto record inbound and outbound forked media. See the Unified CM documentation for moredetails on media forking Stay Tune for more update… www.VoiceBootcamp.com


Cisco Unified MCP – Mapping a Session to a Recording

In Cisco Unified MCP, a a session is a recorded monologue, dialog, or conference whichcan involve one or more participants.  A Unified MCP session is the same as arecording session in Unified CM.  A session can be live (active) or recorded (completed). A live session can be monitored andrecorded at the same time. A recorded session can be


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