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This course defines the tasks necessary for the operation, administration, management, and provisioning of Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal (CVP) as it is installed in a comprehensive Cisco Unified Intelligent Contact Management (ICM) Enterprise environment.The Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal Implementation (CVPI) 9.0 course defines the tasks necessary for the operation, administration, management and provisioning of Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal (CVP) as it is installed in a comprehensive Cisco Unified Intelligent Contact Management (ICM) Enterprise environmen


  • 100% Focus on Cisco Unified Communication Technology
  • 70% Hands On 30% Theory
  • Unlimited Re-take Offers for Free of charge
  • 24/7 Access to Cisco CVP 9 Lab during the training from any where
  • 200 Hrs of CVP 9 Rack Rental (value of $1000) Included
  • Free copy of Cisco Unified CVP 9.0 Self Study Kits (value of $899 USD for Free)
  • On-Site Training at your location for group of 4 or more any location



  • 5 Days Instructor led training
  • Each candidate will have his/her own CVP 9 Rack
  • 200 hours of additional Cisco Unified CVP 9 Rack Access
  • Cisco Unified CVP 9 Self Study Kit 9.0
  • Free Re-takes for upto 2 years


  • CCNP level knowledge or Equivalent work experience in CUCM/Unity/Presence/UCCX & Voice Gateways
  • knowledge of Routing/Switching
  • Must know how to work with Cisco Router/Switches
  • Must have knowledge of Microsoft Windows Platform



1. Cisco Unified CVP Technical Overview

  • Cisco Unified CVP
  • Overview
  • Primary Uses
  • Features
  • Components and Capabilities
  • Native Components
  • Add-On Products
  • Cisco Unified CVP Compatibility
  • Deployment Models and Call Flows
  • Geographical and Deployment Model
  • Stand-Alone Deployment and Call Flows
  • Call Director Deployment and Call Flows
  • Comprehensive Model and Call Flow
  • VRU-Only Deployment and Call Flow
  • Viewing a Call Flow

2. Cisco Unified CVP Comprehensive Overview

  • Installation and Configuration
  • Upgrading, Installing, and Configuring Cisco Unified CVP SoftwareConfiguring SIP and Cisco IOS Gateways
  • Installation
  • Configuring NTP for Deployment
  • System Management
  • Call Server Setup and Configuration
  • Verifying the Installation
  • Licensing
  • Upgrades
  • Gateway Signaling
  • Configuring SIP
  • Configuring the Operations Console Steps on a Cisco IOS Gateway
  • Configuring Cisco Unified ICM Enterprise
  • Adding the ICM Server to the Operations Console
  • Configuration Tasks
  • Network VRU Types
  • Configuring Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) for Cisco Unified CVP
  • Configuration Tasks
  • Configuration for SIP

3. Cisco Unified ICM Enterprise Scripting

  • General Scripting Concepts
  • Cisco Unified CVP Script Editors
  • Media Server Files
  • Implementing Cisco Unified ICM Enterprise Scripting Microapplications
  • Play Media
  • Play Data
  • Get Digits
  • Menu
  • Get Speech
  • Capture
  • Configuring Scripting Using Microapplications
  • Advanced Speech Scripting
  • Building a Cisco Unified CVP Script
  • Enabling Transfers and Reroute on No Answer
  • Cisco Unified CVP Transfers
  • Reroute on No Answer

4. Cisco Unified CVP VXML Overview

  • Exploring VXML
  • Cisco Unified CVP VXML Solution
  • Installing and Configuring VXML
  • Server Configuration
  • Cisco Unified Call Studio Project Configuration
  • Project Deployment
  • Server Maintenance Tasks
  • Cisco Unified ICM Enterprise Scripting for External VXML
  • Exploring Courtesy Callback
  • Call Flow
  • Considerations
  • Configuration

5. Events, Log Files, and Reporting

  • Configuring Cisco Unified CVP Reporting
  • Configuring the Reporting Server
  • Configuring the VXML Server for Reporting
  • Managing the DatabaseCisco Unified CVP Templates and ICM Data Integration
  • Backup
  • Restore
  • Managing Users
  • Utilizing Events and Log Files
  • Cisco Unified CVP Serviceability
  • Cisco Unified CVP Statistics
  • Cisco Unified CVP Events
  • Simple Network Management Protocol
  • Syslog
  • Cisco Support Tools

6. Failover, Diagnostics, and Troubleshooting

  • Designing Failover and High Availability
  • Ingress Gateway
  • SIP Proxy to Call Server Failover and Load Balancing
  • Call Server Failover and Load Balancing with Server Groups
  • Content Services Switch and Application Control Engine
  • Media Server Failover and High Availability
  • Cisco Unified CVP VXML Server High Availability
  • Automatic Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech High Availability
  • CUCM High Availability
  • Troubleshooting
  • Device and Service Status
  • Ingress and Egress Cisco IOS Gateway
  • Troubleshooting Tools for the VXML Gateway
  • Troubleshooting Cisco Unified ICM Enterprise
  • Troubleshooting Transfers
  • Cisco Unified CVP Support Resources


Lab Outline

  • Lab 1: Making Phone Calls
  • Lab 2: Exploring Your Router
  • Lab 3: Starting Cisco Unified ICM Enterprise Components
  • Lab 4: Installing Cisco Unified CVP
  • Lab 5: Configuring Cisco IOS Software
  • Lab 6: Configuring Cisco Unified ICM
  • Lab 7: Preparing a Simple Script
  • Lab 8: Creating Cisco Unified ICM Enterprise Scripting
  • Lab 9: Using Tools to Observe Your Script
  • Lab 10: Configuring Calls Using SIP with Proxy
  • Lab 11: Configuring Calls into Cisco Unified CVP via CTI Route Point
  • Lab 12: Configuring Subsequent Transfers via Cisco Unified ICM Enterprise DN Plan
  • Lab 13: Installing Cisco Unified Call Studio
  • Lab 14: Creating and Deploying a Cisco Unified Call Studio Project
  • Lab 15: Integrating VXML Applications with Cisco Unified ICM Enterprise
  • Lab 16: Implementing Cisco Courtesy Callback
  • Lab 17: Backing Up the Reporting Server
  • Lab 18: Troubleshooting Cisco Unified CVP
  • Lab 19: Fixing a Cisco Unified CVP Deployment
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