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CCNP Voice Self Study Kit is a collection of product designed to help you prepare for Cisco CCNP Voice Certification and the lab.  These self study kit contains lecture, lab guide and video labs that will help you understand the concepts and topic step by step.   It has over 200+ Video labs along with 25+ Chapters of lectures.   PDF Guide is designed to help you do the lab step by step at your own lab equipment or on our CCNP voice Rack Rental.

Benefit Of This Package

downloadarrowSave Over $500 downloadarrowUp to 2 Licensed Can be applied to two PC
downloadarrow 28+ Chapters with Audio/Video Explanationdownloadarrow Enhance your Troubleshooting SKILLS
downloadarrow Step by Step lab Guide downloadarrow Unlimited Download
downloadarrow Lecture with Live Lab Demonstration /w  Explanationdownloadarrow 100 hours of CCNP Voice Rack Rental Included*
downloadarrowOver 350+ Video Labs To Help You Master All The Skillsdownloadarrow

PSTN & Router Configurations Are Included

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Who Should Use it

  • People who wants to learn more about Cisco Voice Technology
  • Those who wants to prepare for CCNP voice Exam
  • If you are preparing for CCIE Collaboration but want to brush up your foundation then this kit is for oyu
  • Any IT Professionals with basic Cisco background

What is Included (Bundle Price $799 USD)

  • CCNP Voice Lecture on Video
  • CCNP Voice Call Routing Video
  • CCNP Voice ResourceKIT 250+ Labs
  • CCNP Voice Lab Guide (PDF)
  • 100 Hour Lab Access - Remotely Login to our CCNP Voice Rack


CCNP Voice Lecture on Video with PDF lab Guide ($399 USD)

CCNP Voice Lecture on Video is a set of pre-recorded lectures that covers CCNP Voice Topic.  This set is divided in to 3 modules.  Module 1 which focus on CVOICE and ICOMM topic.  Module 2 Focus on CIPT1, CIPT2 and TVOICE.  Module 3 Focus on CAPPS and UCCX.  Each chapter is design to provide concepts with lab demonstration.  Pick the topic you want to listen, watch and listen the lecture and see how it is applied in the lab as well as real world.  These lectures are designed to cover wide varierity of topic from CCNP Voice.    Easy to understand, very simply.  There are 27 chapters in our CCNP Voice covering CVOICE, ICOMM 9.0, CIPT1, CIPT2, CAPPS modules. As a bonus, it also includes UCCX and Vmware Lectures. These lectures are the same lectures used during our CCNP Voice Bootcamp. Therefore if you are unable to attend the CCNP Voice Bootcamp, This package will help you prepare for the CCNP Voice Certification

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CCNP Voice Call Routing Video ($399 USD)

CCNP Voice Call Routing Video is a collection of 50 video labs focus on CUCM Dial Plan and Call Routing.   This video set will help you master the dial plan from Cisco Unified Communication.   Each lab begins with the purpose of the lab and demonstration on how to configure it.  You will also see live testing to ensure that lab is working fine.  It has two volume 1 and 2
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CCNP Voice ResourceKIT 250+ ($399 USD)

CCNP Voice UC ResourceKIT is a collection of pre-recorded video labs designed to show you how to use most of the features of CUCM, Presecent Unity Connection etc.  There are over 300+ Video Labs collection from various version of CUCM, Unity, Presence and CallManager Express.  These labs are designed to help you do you day to day job when you get stuck on certain topic.  Simpy look at the list and chances are most wide used lab will be listed there
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