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CCNP Voice Plus Do It Your Self Kit

CCNP Voice Do It Your Self Kit is a collection of self study kits package togther to give you a complete training resource.   This unique self study kit will not only give you the concepts but also walks you through lab from ground up.

Why use self study kit?

  • Save time and money
  • You dont have to travel to the location
  • Flexible hours to study
  • Go with your own speed

5 Self Study Kits - in One Package

  • CCNP Voice Lecture on Video
  • CCNP Voice Lab Guide
  • CCNP Voice Call Routing Video
  • CCNP Voice Video Labs (UC ResourceKIT 2012)
  • CCNP Voice Troubleshooter
  • CCNP Voice Lab Access - 200 Hours of CCNP/CCIE Voice Rack Rental (Value of $500 Dollar)

Self Study Kit Demo

CCNP Voice Lecture on Video - $399 USD

CCNP Voice Lecture on Video is a series of lecture on Video pre-recorded in a audio/video format. There are 26 chapters in our CCNP Voice covering CVOICE, ICOMM 9.0, CIPT1, CIPT2, CAPPS modules. As a bonus, it also includes UCCX and Vmware Lectures. These lectures are the same lectures used during our CCNP Voice Bootcamp. Therefore if you are unable to attend the CCNP Voice Bootcamp, This package will help you prepare for the CCNP Voice Certification

CCNP Voice Lab Guide - $0 (includedon Lecture on video above)

CCNP Vice Lab Guide is a PDF Version of step by step lab. It is designed based on a CCIE VOICE Lab scenario with topology and equipment that match CCIE Voice. Each lab is build on previous lab. These labs are designed as if they are deploying a complete solution from ground up. Candidate will see the requirement and follwo the step by stpe guide

CCNP Voice Call Routing - $399 USD

This is a special dedicated video sets for Cisco Dial Plan. This DVD alone covers topic from Call Routing, Dial Plan, Single Number Reach, Globalization, Normalization and Translatoin. This is one resource alone very usefull for any Engineer who are deploying Cisco Unified Communication.

CCNP Voice UC ResourceKIT 2012 - $399 USD

UC ResourceKIT is a collection of pre-recorded video labs designed to show you how to use most of the features of CUCM, Presecent Unity Connection etc.

Lab Access 200 Hours Rack Rental (value of $499 USD)

Having the self study kit it self does not help if you have nothing to practice on. We have included 200 hours of lab access which you can access remotely to practice all these labs as you study.