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Welcome to VoiceBootcamp Inc

VoiceBootcamp,  becoming leading provider of Unified Communication consulting in North America, Middle East and Asia. If you are determined to expand your horizons and drive your business forward, VoiceBootcamp/UC can offer you the level of customer service and support.

Customized Solutions

We customize our solutions based on your and business needs.  We take an existing package/course and customized to ensure that it meets the industries.  Our solution is far more unique and offer great bank for your buck.

Worldwide coverage’s

VoiceBootcamp can deploy our solutions in any part of the world.  We have deployed solutions from Canada to all the way to Jakarta Indonesia.

Expert Instruction

Our experts are industry's elite.  They are known for their work and experience. We have vendor qualified expert alone with academic qualified experts. 

State of Art Facility

VoiceBootcamp/UC offers state of art facility that is available to our client not only during their sessions but 24/7 after their sessions.  With remote access to our facility, our client can continue to enhance their experience by working from comfort of their home.

Our Address:
244 5th Ave Suite 1860
New York , NY, USA 10001
Hours of Operation:
Mon. to Fri. 9am to 5pm
Weekends 9am to 12pm
Live Customer Support 24/7 


VoiceBootcamp offer our services and training at various location around the world.  We have training location in Canada, USA, UAE, India, Singapore & UK as well as growing at places like Africa and Central America.  If you would like to establish partnership with us, contact  

Earn up to 60% Commissions!!

Become A Reseller.  VoiceBootcamp has one of the most unique sets of product/services which are very niche in the market.  Our products are sold from $499 USD to $4495 USD.  Interested in reselling our product/services?  Contact us at   We offer comission from 20% to up to 60% on some of our products.