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Cisco UCCX Video Training Deployment

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Cisco UCCX Video Training

World's First Cisco Unified CCX Self-Study Kit, design to help anyone with basic Cisco Unified Communication knowledge to learn, deploy and configure Cisco UCCX Platform. Cisco Unified CCX Lecture on Video will give you the concept you need to understand what and how Cisco Unified CCX Operates and how its component interacts with each other. Chapters are divided into a smaller section to help you understand the topic with lab demonstration. Our self-study kit was designed to help you get a UCCX solution running in no time. 

What is Included 

  • Cisco Unified CCX Lecture on Video
  • Cisco Unified CCX Video Lab Kits
  • Cisco Unified CCX PDF Deployment Lab Guide

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Study Kit Outline 


  • Chapter 1 Introduction to Cisco Unified CCX
  • Chapter 2 Architecture of Cisco Unified CCX
  • Chapter 3 Design Consideration for Cisco Unified CCX
  • Chapter 4 Installation & Configurations of Cisco Unified CCX
  • Chapter 5 Overview of Cisco Unified CCX Subsystem
  • Chapter 6 - Cisco Unified CCX Express Setup
  • Chapter 7 Managing Cisco Unified UCCX Server
  • Chapter 8 Basic Call Flow of Cisco Unified CCX
  • Chapter 9 - Installing UCCX Script Editor
  • Chapter 10 - Debugging a Script
  • Chapter 11 Creating Basic Cisco Unified CCX Scripts
  • Chapter 12 Creating Basic UCCX Script - Prompting and Collecting
  • Chapter 13 Configuring UCCX For External Databases
  • Chapter 14 Making Decisions and Loop and Counter in UCCX Scripting
  • Chapter 15 - Defining Cisco Unified CCX ACD Component

Lab Outline

  • Lab 1 Installing Cisco Unified CCX 10.5 Primary Server
  • Lab 2 - Installing Secondary Cisco Unified CCX 10.5 Server for High Availability
  • Lab 3 - Integrating Cisco Unified CCX 10.5 with Cisco Unified CM 10.5
  • Lab 4 - Configuring Cisco Unified CCX 10.5 - High Availability
  • Lab 5 - Activating Cisco Finesse as an Agent Desktop
  • Lab 6 - Setting up JTAPI Parameters such as Call Control Group, Triggers with High Availability Check
  • Lab 7 - Preparing Cisco IP Phone and End User As An Agent with High Availability Check
  • Lab 8 - Defining Skills, Group and Agent Association
  • Lab 9 - Defining Contact Service Queue with Different Skills and Competency Level
  • Lab 10 - Creating UCCX Application and Trigger
  • Lab 11 - Writing a Basic Script
  • Lab 12 - Creating Team and Supervisor
  • Lab 13 - Integrating Cisco Unified CCX 10.5 with External Database
  • Lab 14 - Configuring HTTP Subsystem with Database Integration
  • More labs are under development

Terms & Conditions

  • Only Support Windows & MAC Platform
  • We do not support VMware/iPhone or Android
  • If Free course is offered, it is only delivered on confirmed scheduled or online
  • **New promotion only for new purchase or new client
  • Promotion does not and can not be applied to existing or previous promotion
  • Pre-order deal ETA Date subject to change without further notice.
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  • LIcensed to only 2 PC.   
  • PC IP Address or Machine ID will be locked to one username.  
  • VoiceBootcamp reserve the rights to review client's login details to ensure video files are not shared.

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