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Cisco CCIE® Collaboration Training - $3,495 USD

5-Day CCIE Collaboration Bootcamp is designed to be a challenging five-day course for CCIE Collaboration candidates ready for CCIE Collaboration Lab Exam. This Bootcamp is designed for CCIE Collaboration candidates in the last months or weeks before their CCIE Collaboration Lab Exam. During the week students will tackle challenging full-day mock labs Monday through Thursday. Candidate will practice strategy, time management, learn test taking strategies and expose any weaknesses in order to resolve them before the lab exam. On the final day of the course

Course Information

Code : 1024-03
Course Fee$3,495 USD*
Number of Days: 5 Days

Cisco Learning Credit: Not Accepted
Language: English
Schedules: - Toronto | Las Vegas | Dubai | London, UK | Thailand

Upcoming Schedules

Cisco CCIE® Collaboration Training - Dubai, UAE
03-18-2018 9:00 am
Cisco CCIE® Collaboration Training - Toronto, Canada
04-09-2018 9:00 am
Cisco CCIE® Collaboration Training - Las Vegas, USA
04-23-2018 9:00 am
Cisco CCIE® Collaboration Training - Bangkok, Thailand
05-21-2018 9:00 am
Cisco CCIE® Collaboration Training - London, UK
05-28-2018 9:00 am
Cisco CCIE® Collaboration Training - Dubai, UAE
06-17-2018 9:00 am
Cisco CCIE® Collaboration Training - Toronto, Canada
07-09-2018 9:00 am
Cisco CCIE® Collaboration Training - Las Vegas, USA
07-23-2018 9:00 am
Cisco CCIE® Collaboration Training - Bangkok, Thailand
08-20-2018 9:00 am
Cisco CCIE® Collaboration Training - London, UK
08-27-2018 9:00 am

Cisco CCIE® Collaboration Bootcamp

  • 400 Hours of Rack Rental Included
  • Free Retake of the class until pass
  • Never published your name or CCO Number
  • Take class online or on-site
  • Step by Step Preparation for the lab exam

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1.0 Configure and Troubleshoot Cisco Collaboration Infrastructure

1.1 Network services
1.1.a DNS
1.1.b DHCP
1.1.c TFTP
1.1.d NTP
1.1.e CDP/LLDP
1.2 Voice and data VLAN
1.3 IP routing in Cisco Collaboration Solutions
1.4 IP multicast

2.0 Configure and Troubleshoot Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM)

2.1 CUCM SCCP endpoints
2.2 CUCM MGCP gateways
2.3 CUCM SIP endpoints and trunks
2.4 CUCM H.323 gateways and trunks
2.5 Voice and video codecs
2.6 RTP and RTCP
2.7 Device registration and redundancy
2.8 Codec selection
2.9 CUCM call features

2.9.a Call park
2.9.b Call pickup
2.9.c BLF speed dials
2.9.d Native call queuing
2.9.e Call hunting
2.9.f Meet-Me

2.10 CUCM dial plan

2.10.a Globalized call routing
2.10.b Local route group
2.10.c Time-of-day routing
2.10.d Application dial rules
2.10.e Digit manipulations and presentations

2.11 CUCM media resources

2.11.a TRP
2.11.b MOH
2.11.c CFB
2.11.d Transcoder/MTP
2.11.e Annunciator
2.11.f MRG/MRGL

2.12 CUCM mobility

2.12.a EM/EMCC
2.12.b Device Mobility
2.12.c Mobile Connect

2.13 CUCM serviceability and OS administration

2.13.a Service activation
2.13.b Database replication
2.13.c CDR
2.13.d CMR

2.14 ILS/URI dialing

2.14.a Directory URI
2.14.b ISL topology
2.14.c Blended addressing

2.15 Call Admission Control

2.15.a CAC/ELCAC
2.15.b RSVP
2.15.c SIP preconditions

2.16 SAF and CCD

3.0 Configure and Troubleshoot Cisco IOS UC Applications and Features

3.1 CUCME phone registration and features

3.1.a SCCP phones
3.1.b SIP phones

3.2 SRST phone registration and features

3.2.a CME-as-SRST
3.2.b MGCP fallback

3.3 CUE

3.3.a AA
3.3.b Scripting
3.3.c Voiceview
3.3.d Web inbox
3.3.e MWI
3.3.f VPIM

3.4 Cisco IOS-based call queuing
3.5 Cisco IOS media resources

3.5.a Conferencing
3.5.b Transcoding
3.5.c DSP management
3.5.d MOH

3.6 CUBE

3.6.a Midcall signaling
3.6.b SIP profiles
3.6.c Early/delayed offer
3.6.d DTMF interworking

3.7 Digital voice signaling (T1/E1 PRI)

3.7.a Q.921 and Q.931
3.7.b Caller ID

3.8 Cisco IOS dial plan
3.9 SAF and CCD
3.10 IOS CAC

4.0 Configure and Troubleshoot QoS and Security in Cisco Collaboration Solutions

4.1 QoS: link efficiency
4.1.a LFI
4.1.b MLPPP
4.1.c FRF.12
4.1.d cRTP
4.1.e VAD

4.2 QoS: classification and marking

4.2.a Voice traffic
4.2.b Video traffic

4.3 QoS: congestion management

4.3.a Layer 2 priorities
4.3.b Low latency queue
4.3.c Traffic policing and shaping

4.4 Security: default security features
4.5 Security: toll fraud

5.0 Configure and Troubleshoot Cisco Unity Connection

5.1 CUCM integration
5.2 CUCME integration
5.3 Single inbox
5.4 MWI
5.5 Call handlers
5.6 CUC dial plan
5.7 Directory handlers
5.8 CUC features
5.9 Voicemail networking

6.0 Configure and Troubleshoot Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX)

6.1 UCCX CTI integration
6.2 UCCX ICD functions
6.3 UCCX scripts customization

7.0 Configure and Troubleshoot Cisco Unified IM Presence

7.1 CUCM integration
7.2 Cisco Jabber for Windows

Who needs to attend

IT Professionals
Network Engineers
IT Managers

Delivery format options

  • Classroom or Online via Webinar - Instructor led training.
  • Any class you can join online in case if you are unable to travel.



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