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Cisco Unified CVP Self Study Kit (**New**)

Release Date: Jun 30, 2018

This study kit was designed to help you learn, deploy and configure Cisco Unified CVP 11.6 as a standalone or integrated with Cisco ICM Solutions.    You will learn to install Cisco CVP, follow step by step configurations on how to integrate, customized and configure CVP Solutions.  Learn to develop self-service IVR Applications, using Call Studio.  You will learn how to troubleshoot the platform for day to day administrations. 

What is Included:

  • Cisco Unified CVP 11.6 - Lecture on Video
  • Cisco Unified CVP 11.6 - Video Lab Guide

Price - $699 US

Pre-Order Today - $349 US

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(Release Date: Aug 31, 2018)

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Lecture On Video

  1. Chapter 0 Cisco CVP Deployment Self Study Kit
  2. Chapter 1 Overview of Cisco Unified CVP
  3. Chapter 2 Cisco Unified CVP Native Component
  4. Chapter 3 Overview of Cisco Unified CVP Non-Native Component
  5. Chapter 4 Installation & Configuration
  6. Chapter 5 Getting Started Using Operation Console
  7. Chapter 6 Functional Deployment
  8. Chapter 7 Deployment Model - CVP VXML Standalone
  9. Chapter 8 Deployment Model - Call Director
  10. Chapter 9 Deployment Model - VRU Model
  11. Chapter 10 Deployment Model - Comprehensive Model
  12. Chapter 11 Call Flows
  13. Chapter 12 CVP Call Server Overview & Configuration
  14. Chapter 13 CVP VXML Server Overview & Configuration
  15. Chapter 14 CVP Reporting Server Overview & Configuration
  16. Chapter 15 Overview and Configuring Media and Speech Server
  17. Chapter 16 Overview and Configuration of System and Gateway Configurations
  18. Chapter 17 Overview and Configurations of Cisco VVB Server
  19. Chapter 18 Overview and Configurations of Cisco SIP Proxy Server for CVP
  20. Chapter 19 Transfer and Queue Calls with Cisco Unified CVP
  21. Chapter 20 Configuring HIgh Availablility for Unified CVP
  22. Chapter 21 Overview and Configurations of Network Based Recording
  23. Chapter 22 Supporting IPv6 For Cisco Unified CVP
  24. Chapter 23 Overview and Configurations of Security for Unified CVP
  25. Chapter 24 Configuring Cisco Unified ICM Enterprise
  26. Chapter 25 Implementing Cisco Unified ICM Enterprise Scripting Microapplications
  27. Chapter 26 Upgrading Cisco Unified CVP, Java and Tomcat

Lab Outline

  1. Lab 1 - Deploy & Install Cisco Unified CVP Solutions
  2. Lab 2 - Getting Started with Unified CVP Operation Consoles
  3. Lab 3 - Configure Cisco Call Server
  4. Lab 4 - Configure Cisco VXML Server
  5. Lab 5 - Configure and Integrate Cisco ICM Component to work with CVP
  6. Lab 6 - Configure and Integrate Cisco Unified CM with CVP
  7. Lab 7 - Configure and Integrate Cisco SIP Proxy Server & SIP Services
  8. Lab 8 - Deploy Media Services for Cisco CVP
  9. Lab 9 - Prepare & Configure Ingress and Egress and VXML Gateway
  10. Lab 10 - Deploy and Configure Visual Voice Browser for CVP
  11. Lab 11 - Configure Cisco Warm Consult Transfer and conference
  12. Lab 12 - Transfer and Queue Calls with Cisco Unified CVP
  13. Lab 13 - Configure High Availability in Cisco Unified CVP
  14. Lab 15 - Prepare For Network Based Recording
  15. Lab 16 - Deploying Cisco Unified CVP Security
  16. Lab 18 - Configure & Customized Reporting Server
  17. Lab 19 - IPv6 Configurations
  18. Lab 20 - Upgrading Cisco Unified CVP

Terms & Conditions

  • Only Support Windows & MAC Platform
  • We do not support VMware/iPhone or Android
  • If Free course is offered, it is only delivered on confirmed scheduled or online
  • **New promotion only for new purchase or new client
  • Promotion does not and can not be applied to existing or previous promotion
  • Pre-order deal ETA Date subject to change without further notice.
  • Files are encrypted.  Must install XVast Player from
  • LIcensed to only 2 PC.   
  • PC IP Address or Machine ID will be locked to one username.  
  • VoiceBootcamp reserve the rights to review client's login details to ensure video files are not shared.

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