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Cisco UCCE/PCCE Advanced Scripting Self Study Kit

Tel: +1-866-777-0060


Cisco UCCE/PCCE Advanced Scripting Self Study Kit

World's First Cisco UCCE/PCCE Advanced Scripting Video.  Learn to write scripts from ground zero to real scripts to start creating basic scripts and work away up to write a full database-aware application.  Learn to integrate scripts with UCCE/PCCE and CVP


  • Cisco UCCE Advanced Scripts - Lecture on Video
  • Cisco UCCE Advanced Scripts - Lab Guide
  • Cisco UCCE Advanced Scripts - Actual Scripts
Price - $899 USD
Validity - Lifetime of the product
License - 2 PC per user
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Module Outline

Lecture on Video (available now)

  • Chapter 01 - Introduction to Script Editor
  • Chapter 02 - Call Type Contact Data and Scripting
  • Chapter 03 - Categorizing Contacts
  • Chapter 04 - Selecting Routing Targets
  • Chapter 05 - Network VRUs
  • Chapter 06 - Variable and Formula
  • Chapter 07 - UCCE Scripting with Call Variables
  • Chapter 08 - Scripting with External Database
  • Chapter 09 - UCCE Basic Administrative Scripts
  • Chapter 10 - Built-In Function – String Manipulation
  • Chapter 11 - Introduction to Cisco Unified CVP and ICM Scripting
  • Chapter 12 - Implementing Cisco Unified ICM Enterprise Scripting Microapplications
  • Chapter 13 - Overview of CVP Call Studio
  • Chapter 14 - Creating a basic CVP Scripts
  • Chapter 15 - Executing CVP Scripts via UCCE Scripting

Lab Outline (available now)

  • Lab 01 - Create a basic UCCE Scripts
  • Lab 02 - Create a script with comment & monitoring object
  • Lab 03 - Routing calls to different scripts based on Call Type and Prefix Match
  • Lab 04 – Routing Call Based on CLID and Dialed Number
  • Lab 05 - Requalify Call Type - Routing calls to another script
  • Lab 06 – Use GotoScript to route calls to different scripts
  • Lab 07 – Creating Time of Day Routing
  • Lab 08 – Distribute call load using Percentage Allocation
  • Lab 09 – Routing Calls using Skills Group using LAA Method
  • Lab 10 – Routing calls to Services using Service Node

Terms & Conditions

  • Only Support Windows & MAC Platform
  • We do not support VMware/iPhone or Android
  • PDF eBook - Printing not allowed unless the paid premium price
  • If Free course is offered, it is only delivered on confirmed scheduled or online
  • **New promotion only for a new purchase or new client
  • Promotion does not and can not be applied to the existing or previous promotion
  • Pre-order deal ETA Date subject to change without further notice.
  • Files are encrypted.  Must install XVast Player from
  • LIcensed to only 2 PC.   
  • PC IP Address or Machine ID will be locked to one username.  
  • VoiceBootcamp reserve the right to review the client's login details to ensure video files are not shared.
  • fr-FR
  • English (UK)

Where We Are Located

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Toronto - Las Vegas - Dubai - Singapore - London

705 Progress Ave, Ste 110, Toronto, ON, M1H 2X1, Canada

1810 E. Sahara Ave. Suite 347, Las Vegas, NV, 89104, USA