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VoiceBootcamp is a global IT Training company founded on August 1, 2008, based in Toronto, Canada with Office in Las Vegas, USA.  We specialized in Cisco Collaboration Training & Services. Being highly specialized in Collaboration technologies give us the ability to deliver a customized course that meets the industry's demand

We customize our solutions based on your and business needs. We take an existing package/course and customized to ensure that it meets the industries. Our solution is far more unique and offers great bang for your buck.

VoiceBootcamp can deploy our solutions in any part of the world. We have deployed solutions from Canada to all the way to Jakarta Indonesia

Our experts are industry's elite. They are known for their work and experience. We have vendor qualified expert alone with academically qualified experts

VoiceBootcamp/UC offers state of the art facility that is available to our client not only during their sessions but 24/7 after their sessions


  • 100% Focus on Cisco Collaborations
  • 10 Full Dedicated Advanced PODs for student
  • Full Set of Study Kits included in each course
  • 200+ Lab Access after the course to continue the practice
  • Free Retake up to 2 years to learn new technologies
  • Join Online or Onsite your choice
  • Free update of self-study kits
  • World Wide Schedules
  • Group of 4 or more, we come to your country or city

Why Choose VoiceBootcamp?

  • Specialized and Focus on Cisco Collaboration & AWS Training
  • Highly customized and based on real-world hands-on experience.
  • 100 to 200 Hours of Lab Hours for all courses
  • Free Retake of the course up to 2 years
  • Full Self-study Kits included in all training package
  • Unlimited Download and Updates of Self Study Kits
  • No Need to travel!!! Join Our classes Online or Onsite
  • Group or 3 or more, we can bring the training at your location

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