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Cisco Meeting Server Deployment Study Kit

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Learn to deploy Cisco Meeting Server in single split deployment mode.  Step by step video lecture and lab guide that will walk you through the configurations and troubleshooting.   The video will help you understand the concept while PDF lab guide will walk you through the configurations

What is included:

  • Cisco CMS Self Study Kit
  • Cisco Expressway Self Study Kit

Cisco Meeting Server Outline

  • Chapter 1 - Overview of Cisco Meeting Server
  • Chapter 2 - Prerequisites For CMS Deployment
  • Chapter 3 - Preparing and Configuring Certificate
  • Chapter 4 - Installing Certification on CMS Component
  • Chapter 5 - Configuring and Managing MMP
  • Chapter 6 - Single Combine Deployment Call Flow
  • Chapter 7 - Overview and Configurations of Web Admin
  • Chapter 8 - Overview and Configurations of Call Bridge
  • Chapter 9 - Overview and Configuring XMPP Server
  • Chapter 10 - Overview and Configuration of Web Bridge
  • Chapter 11 - Configuring the Databases
  • Chapter 12 - Deploying the Call Bridges
  • Chapter 13 Basic Network Settings on CMS Server
  • Chapter 14 Generating Certificate for CMS Component
  • Chapter 15 Creating Database Cluster and Assign Certificates
  • Chapter 16 Enabling Web Admin and Assign Certificate
  • Chapter 17 Configuring CMS CallBridge and Assign Certs
  • Chapter 18 Configuring XMPP and XMPP Cluster
  • Chapter 19 Configuring WebBridge and WebRTC Client Login
  • Chapter 20 Configuring API User and Postman to Communicate with CMS
  • Chapter 21 Configuring API User and Postman to Communicate with CMS
  • Chapter 22 Configuring API Web Bridge and LDAP Server using API
  • Chapter 23 - Mapping LDAP Attributes via API to CMS Server

Cisco Expressway C & E Deployment Outline

  • Chapter 1 - Overview Cisco Expressway
  • Chapter 2 -Deployment Overview
  • Chapter 3 - Overview of Business to Business Communication
  • Chapter 4 - Expressway Registration
  • Chapter 5 - Expressway Zones and neighbors
  • Chapter 6 - Expressway Dial plan and call processing
  • Chapter 7 - Expressway User Management and Maintenance
  • Chapter 8 - Expressway Bandwidth Control
  • Chapter 9 - Expressway Device authentication


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