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Why you should not do the Amazon AWS Solution Architect Certification!!!

Amazon has most recently earned its place in the certification world.  Amazon AWS Certificate has grown to be a huge success and one of the highly sought certificates in the market.  It offers certification paths in various segments such as Solution Architect, Operation and DevOps.  While there is no doubt that Amazon AWS Certification will be one of the most important factors for many of our careers.   It is important that you make the right decision at the right timing. 

Why I decided to write this article is to educate people so that they make the right choice.  One of the first certifications many are achieving or working toward is the Amazon AWS Solution Architect Associate level.  While the title itself is great, if one does not have 3 to 5 years of experience in IT, they must ask these questions?

  • Are you ready to be a Solution Architect?
  • Do you even know what solution architect does?
  • Are you ready to offer $50K to a Million dollar solution to the client?

AWS Solution Architect is the wrong Certification!!!

For someone who does not have IT Background or moving to Amazon AWS but does not have years of experience, solution architect is the worst certification to achieve or pursue.  You have to have years of knowledge and experience in Amazon AWS solutions before you can offer solutions to the client.   You must have extensive experience designing and pricing solutions for the client before you become a solution architect.   You must have years of experience migrating data center so you know what to offer as a solution architect.

Many students who are new or do not have a strong background are preparing for Amazon Solution Architect when they should focus on operation and/or DevOps.   After doing the Cloud Practionair, one must focus on Amazon SysOps Certification follow by DevOps

Why SysOps?

This is where you learn to support, manage, configure AWS services.  This is your day to day job as an entry-level or intermediate-level job will be.  At operation, you will be responsible for the day to day administration, configurations, patching, upgrading AWS Services.  Once you have good knowledge of AWS services and know-how to manage them, configure them without looking at the documentation, then you know you are in debt of AWS.

Once SysOps is done, then focus should move to DevOps Associate where you learn to automate AWS solutions, work with scripts and other application related nodes.  This is where you will learn to provide automation for your platform.   I am not saying don't do Solution Architect ever.  But you can not be a Vice President of operation if you do not have any operational background.  So start from system admin or technical support. 

Career Path

So if you are beginner or new to IT, your AWS career path should look like this

  • Basic Networking - CCNA or Network+
  • Amazon AWS Cloud Practioner 
  • Amazon AWS SysOps Associate
  • Amazon AWS DevOps Associates
  • Amazon AWS Advanced Networking or Security Specialty

Once you complete the above, and practice in and out, you need to start looking for a job as System Admin or Technical support level.  Once you have 2+ Years experience, you can focus on AWS Solution Architect 

 After 2 to 5 years of experience

  • Amazon Solution Architect Associate/Professional level

Realistic expectation

You must have a realistic goal of a time frame.  People these days want to take 1 or 2 certification courses, write the exam and expect a good high end of 5 figure or 6 figure job.  If only life was that easy.   You must spend a good 4 to 5 months of study time and practice and preparation before you start looking for a job.  You can not digest all the learning in a short time.  You must slowly digest all the knowledge within a realistic time.

Give 5 to 8 months of time if you have no IT background.  It may be easy to get a job interview with those certifications but one has to be able to do the job if you get one. 

Are you interested in SysOps or DevOps? VoiceBootcamp offers most of the AWS Certifications.  We have a great career package for Amazon AWS Training.

Our 5 to 8-month career package includes

  • Basic Networking - CCNA or Network+
  • Amazon AWS Cloud Practioner 
  • Amazon AWS SysOps Associate
  • Amazon AWS DevOps Associates
  • Amazon AWS Advanced Networking or Security Specialty
  • Amazon AWS Solution Architect Associate and Professional


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