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Cisco Webex Contact Center Study Kits

Cisco WebEx CC Study Kits s designed to present the certification candidate with a baseline level of information with supporting exercises within the Webex CC Cloud System. The overall objective is to engage the student with concepts and facts that provide a solid understanding of the basic role and function of each Webex CC Service and the implementation of said service.

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  • Cisco WebEx Contact Center Study Kits - 30 videos

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Content Outline
Cisco WebEx CC
  • Outline
  • Chapter 01 - Overview of Cisco WebEx Contact Center
    Chapter 02 - Overview of Cisco WebEx CC Core Feature
    Chapter 03 - Overview of Cisco WebEx CC License
    Chapter 04 - Overview of Cisco WebEx CC Architecture and Connectivity
    Chapter 05 - Estimate Sizing of Trunk and Agent Requirement for Cisco WebEx CC
    Chapter 06 - Cisco Webex Global Datacenter Deployment Overview
    Chapter 07 - Overview of Cisco WebEx Partner Hub
    Chapter 08 - Managing Control Hub from Customer Perspective
    Chapter 09 - Setting up New Customer in Partner Hub for Contact Center
    Chapter 10 - Cisco WebEx CC Tanent Provission Overview
    Chapter 11 - Managing Agent, Skills, Skills profile and Multimedia Profile in WebExCC
    Chapter 12 - Managing Entry Points and Queues Configurations
    Chapter 13 - Managing Cisco WebEX CC Sites and Teams
    Chapter 14 - Managing Users and Users Profile in Cisco WebEX CC
    Chapter 15 - Managing Skills Definition and Skills Profile Attributes
    Chapter 16 - Cisco WebEx CC - Flows
    Chapter 17 - Manging Routing Strategy in Cisco WebEX CC
    Chapter 18 - Overview and Configuration of Google DialogFlow Text to Speech for WebEXCC
    Chapter 19 - Overview of Cisco WebEx Experience Management Platform
    Chapter 20 - Creating My First Call Flow using Flow Designer in Cisco WebEx CC
    Chapter 21 - Overview and Configuration of Cisco WebEx Routing Strategy
    Chapter 22 - Overview of Tanet Management Portal
    Chapter 23 - Overview of Agent Desktop
    Chapter 24 - Overview of Cisco WebEx CC Analyzer
    Chapter 25 - Integrating Cisco WebEX CC with Google CCAI DialogFlow
    Chapter 26 - Overview of Google DialogFlow and Natural Language Processing
    Chapter 27 - Creating Virtual Agent for Chat and Voice for WebEX CC
    Chapter 28 - Overview of End to End Skills Profile Based on Customer Scenario
    Chapter 29 - Detailed Overview of WebEx Scripting Flow Builder
    Chapter 30 - Configuring Chat Capabilities in Cisco WebEx CC